Both carriers and consortium members choose B2 Telecom for the solutions we provide, including:


  • 1st Tier Network Operations Center
  • Pre and Post Sales/Engineering Support
  • Uniform Product offering across multiple networks
  • Uniform Network Management Platform
  • Access to multiple new network options
  • Strict adherence to SLA, and Carrier Network Standards from new one off providers
  • Potential to reduce network spend by having multiple vendor options in a service area
  • Ability to accomplish all of the above with one interface
  • Ability to have a greater options while designing your network

Consortium Members

  • Get a full service introduction into the Wholesale Carrier Segment
  • Minimize expense and risk of hiring high cost Carrier Sales Reps
  • Understanding of Carrier standards and practices
  • Guidance on Product suite offering for Carriers
  • Access to B2 MSA's across wholesale segment
  • Ability to be compliant with those Carrier Standards and practices
  • Ability to compete in the new wave of Ethernet business and FTTT Ethernet business
  • New Revenue Channel
  • Potential ability to grow Network to serve Carriers